Managed IT Services

Netwyn serves as an extension of your business, and a true partner. Our service plan is based on a flat monthly fee, giving you the confidence to accurately budget for your IT costs. At Netwyn, we mitigate both the financial and technical risk of your IT, fueling our commitment to continuously identify potential problems and deliver solutions to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

System Management

Hardware Maintenance

 Hardware Health Check by On-Site Servicing every month

Server availability monitoring

Make sure your server / Desk top is running and Optimize if required

Software installation

Security updates: security patch deployment

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware management

Perform Live update – Apply and run anti-virus

User’s activities monitoring

Add any new ID’s / access levels and delete old ids

Capacity monitoring

Check you current usage to make sure sufficient available space.

Storage management

Check Disk Space, and recommend if additional disk space require, and delete any old files requested by client.

Data Management / Backup – Online

Check and confirm the floders that are being backed-up and any to be removed or add any new online backup.

Check your power protection

Reset the cables plugged into your surge protector. Check the unit’s warning indicator, if it has one. Surge protectors may power your PC even after being compromised by a voltage spike (making your system susceptible to a second spike)

Network Management

Network Administration and Cabling

Network Administration for Servers, Desktop, Printers routers, Switches, setup firewall, security updates patches and install network cables

Network Awareness and Monitoring

Install and configure, discover your network, and start monitoring your performance.

Intrusion Detection / Prevention

Monitor network or system activities for malicious activities or policy violations and produces reports to a management station.

Data Management

Data security

Stop sensitive data from leaking via email, webmail or USB. Quickly identify and address data security vulnerabilities, gaps in acceptable use policies and inappropriately stored data.

Data backup

Determining how data will be stored and backed up.

Data migration

Collection, storage, protection, promotion and delivery of their data, ensuring it meets the business needs of the organization

Data eraser or wipe

Data disposing and providing security for the information resource.

Database management system

Application Management

Application support and maintenance

Capacity planning: Analysis of usage and performance trends in order to estimate future capacity requirements.
Outage avoidance and problem isolation: Identification and isolation of tier-specific performance and availability issues

Application and Software development

Easy and flexible system administration and customization making it easy to tailor the application to your unique needs.

Application integration

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20 years of business

With the combined experience spanning over 20 years, Netwyn has unmatched ability to deliver superior results customized just for you.



we prioritize safeguarding

Downtime is not an option. We partner with the leaders in security to protect you from malicious attacks, human error and natural disasters. We secure your business and make it restorable at any time.  



in-depth knowledge of products

We know the ins and outs of all the products we offer because we use them ourselves.


We Listen

We Are Dedicated to Our Clients’ Success

We are advisors with a technological mindset, collaborating with our clients to help grow their business.   



We truly love what we do, hence we are able to offer our best

We EAT, SLEEP and DRINK technology. We are techies, writers, graphic designers and hardcore business competitors.



We are located in Toronto

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