About Us

Our business can be traced back to the late 1990s, we were IT specialists that grew rapidly to become a trusted adviser to prominent organisations. Between 2003 and 2016, prior to our current structure, we offered services in a number of fields catering to medium and large corporations. In 2016 we consolidated all of our subsidiary to become NETWYN.  Both are now fully integrated into our business, meaning we can now provide end-to-end enterprise class infrastructure and IT consulting to our clients and partners.

Our Mission

We transform your business by delivering technology solutions that fit your needs to achieve the result you want.

Our Values

Integrity: Doing things right at all times

Passion: Do what we love with enthusiasm

Leadership: Have the courage to shape your future

Team Work: Together equals better

Inclusive: Be respectful and okay with diversity

Quality: What we do, we do smart

Innovative: Future outlook

Who We Are

At Netwyn, we are innovators and advisors with a technological mindset. We’re showing businesses how they can integrate technology into their everyday correspondence to ensure efficient, cost-effective operations.   


See and understand what’s going on with your website with clear visibility spanning the entire enterprise from cloud to office to user.


Optimize performance of website and business applications for the best possible user experience for employees, customers – wherever and whenever.


Systematically protect your company assets and customer data to avoid financial and brand repercussions.    


 Simplify and automate infrastructure so you can respond quickly to change to gain a competitive advantage.

Projects Delivered